Broker Advocates for the Medical World

Brokers are industry professionals that facilitate transactions and help discern the "When" and the "Where" -- they represent you. Advocates consult on strategies and the implications that go beyond the transaction to meet the "Why" and "How" -- they stand by you.

As Broker Advocates, we do both.

We emphasize relationships and champion what is in your best interest for the long-term. We support the "When and Where" and the "Why" and "How." We strive for and are structured for more than just "done deals" through informed strategies with empowered results. Medical leases involve some of the most highly-leveraged, operationally-complex and capital-heavy leases in the real estate industry. Doctors relocating their families, often amidst a practice start-up/transition, represent a season of intense demand with little margin for unnecessary inconvenience. The implications of these transitions and/or agreements call for someone to represent doctors as their comprehensive, industry-specialized advocate. This is MedRealty.